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Could A Laser Oven Be In Our Future? Pew Pew!

Could A Laser Oven Be In Our Future? Pew Pew!

Cooking in the Futur (Images courtesy The Design blog)
By Andrew Liszewski

I have to give Electrolux credit, their design competitions have inspired some unique ideas when it comes to the possible future of household appliances. Like this “Cooking in the Futur” concept oven created by Ludovic Peperstraete. Instead of heating elements or an open flame, food is cooked via 3 harmless lasers that are targeted by the cook. And while a single laser supposedly isn’t strong enough to cook food, we all know that crossing two lasers can cook anything from a Thanksgiving turkey to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Now I’m not exactly sold on the open concept design, since the last time I checked cooked food is still hot and has the tendency to bubble and splatter, but the oven also features a new type of ventilation system to at least keep odors at bay.

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