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Logitech Unveils Force Feedback Flight System

Logitech Unveils Force Feedback Flight System


By Shane McGlaun

Logitech has been making force feedback controllers for PC and console gamers for years. One of the best force feedback racing wheels ever made, the G25, comes from Logitech. Flight simulations are one of the areas where force feedback is most interesting but Logitech has never offered a force feedback joystick until now.

Logitech has announced its Flight System G940 that includes a joystick, throttle, and rudder pedals. There are more than 250 programmable buttons thanks to shift modes to ensure virtual pilots never have to take their hands off the controls.

The force feedback joystick has a two-stage trigger, six programmable buttons, an 8-way hat switch, and analog trim controls. The throttle is a split design that can operate multi-engine aircraft and features push button interlocks. The included rudder pedals are inspired by the pedals in jet fighters and feature an adjustable resistance knob for customization. The G940 system will ship in September for $299.99.

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