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Maker Faire 2009: Tesla Coils

Maker Faire 2009: Tesla Coils

By Evan Ackerman

One of the most popular attractions at Maker Faire are the Tesla coils. There were several scattered around, although the most prominent are the twin 10-foot coils constructed by Nevada Lightning Lab. The coils have no problem bridging a 25 foot gap with several million volt discharges, and they can wirelessly power nearby electronics as well as cook hot dogs.


There was also a somewhat smaller (okay, WAY smaller) coil from the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics. It was a sparky little guy, though, and a brave grad student (or a not-so-brave one who knows how electricity works) donned a suit of metal armor and did battle with the electrons.


More pics, including a lovely closeup of a discharge and a long exposure of a three phase Jacob’s ladder, after the jump.





[ Nevada Lightning Lab ]


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