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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Cardapult Is Now The Coolest Business Card Ever

Cardapult (Image courtesy Bryce Bell)
By Andrew Liszewski

Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of cool business cards, but nothing even comes close to being as awesome as Bryce Bell’s calling card. You see, he’s a mechanical engineer with a penchant for cannons (check out his site, so he designed a business card that transforms into a working catapult! The cards are about as thick as 5 regular business cards when assembled, but not only does that make it sturdy in the heat of battle, but also facilitates the moving parts (like the retractable legs) that make it possible to stash this thing in your wallet.

The photo alone is impressive enough, but the video I’ve included below shows it being transformed and launching various bits of office refuse.

But the best part is Bryce has actually taken the time to put together an Instructable complete with thorough assembly instructions and downloadable printable templates so you can make your own.

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Coin Bank Puts Your Change On Display – Probably Costs More Than The Coinage It Can Hold

Coin Bank (Images courtesy REVOL-DESIGN)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sorry to say it, but the local panhandlers have just lost the battle for my pocket change. Normally I find sticking it in a bank of some sort a rather boring prospect, since I know one day I’m gonna have to count it all, but the uninspiringly-named Coin Bank by REVOL-DESIGN turns your change into a work of art, inspiring you to fill it up as quickly as possible.

The bank can be emptied once you unlock the padlock securing the bottom, and to make things even cooler there’s a series of clear acrylic spacers on the inside turning it into your own giant Plinko game! Sadly, pricing and availability aren’t known, but you can safely assume it will set you back a fair bit of coin.

[ Coin Bank ] VIA [ DVICE ]

Polaroid Brings Back The Instant Camera


By Chris Scott Barr

Most of you probably still remember what a Polaroid camera was, but I suspect that many of today’s tweens and even teens probably don’t. With the rise of the digital camera, Polaroids quickly faded into nonexistence. Strangely enough there actually hasn’t been anything that really takes its place, at least when producing near-instant pictures from the camera itself. Sure, you can buy a portable printer for peanuts these days, but it still isn’t quite the same. Well guess what folks, the Polaroid instant camera  is back, and updated for the digital age.

It seems only fitting that Polaroid be the company that rolls out a digital camera that can print instant pictures. The new Polaroid PoGo combines the best of the new and old. On one hand, it’s a regular digital camera with all of the usual benefits like an LCD screen and the ability to perform quick edits. Once you’re happy with the shot, just press a button and in 40 seconds you have yourself a 2”x3” picture to hand off to someone. The special paper is called Zink (short for Zero Ink) and is touted as “smudge-proof, water-resistant, fade-resistant and tear-proof.” You can pick up the camera for around $200, while the Zink paper can be bought in packs of 30 for $13.

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Spider Holster Keeps Your Camera Ready At Your Hip

By Chris Scott Barr

The other day I showed you a pretty cool way to carry a couple of cameras around. Considering how often I write about camera holders, it’s strange to find another one so soon. I’m sure that you’ve all seen those cell phone clips for your belt, the ones that have a post that attaches to the back of your phone. I had one for an older flip phone that worked great. Well take that same concept, apply it to a DSLR and you’ve got the Spider Holster.

It certainly looks like an interesting idea, though not without a few small issues. My biggest concern would be keeping my pants up with a heavy camera hanging from my belt Then of course there’s the problem of actually having a big heavy DSLR bumping into your hip as you walk along. Not only are you going to have a nice bruise by the end of the day, but your camera will no doubt take a beating as well. The Spider Holster should be making its debut this summer for an undisclosed price.

[ Spider Holster ] VIA [ Crave ]

Silvertlit Kazoo Indoor Flying Kite

Silvertlit Kazoo Indoor Flying Kite (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Never let your kite flying plans be foiled by a lack of wind again with this remote control flying kite from Silverlit. It’s specifically designed to be flown indoors, in the absence of wind altogether, since it’s kept aloft by an electric motor and propeller in the tail. It’s controlled by some kind of touch sensitive remote that’s actually tethered to the kite by a cable which is probably why it’s called a kite and not a plane in the first place. And while wind is not a necessity, 8 AA batteries are.

You can get it from for just $14.95.

[ Silvertlit Kazoo Indoor Flying Kite ] VIA [ GadgetGrid ]

Samsung Gloss Hits US Cellular


By Shane McGlaun

There are tons of phones on the market. Despite the economy the high-end segment of the mobile phone market including smartphones are selling quite well. Sales in the middle of the market are dropping though.

Samsung has announced that US Cellular is getting the new Samsung Gloss handset that looks like something a woman would keep in her purse. The Gloss is a square phone that measures 2.55-inches x 2.94-inches x 0.82-inches and has a 2.2-inch LCD.

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Pioneer Offers “Works with iPhone” A/V Receivers


By Shane McGlaun

I have several iPod accessories around the house and each time I dock my iPhone I get that wonderful “this accessory is not iPod compatible” message. That little message means you can’t place calls while the iPhone is docked in the accessory, but I assume calls will still come in. I haven’t had that happen yet.

Pioneer has announced a new A/V receiver series that are certified to work with the iPhone and iPod touch. The receiver models include the VSX-819AH, VSX-919AH, and VSX-1019AH receivers. Users can plug their iPhone or iPod into the receivers and use the full-color GUI to browse album art and control music playback from across the room with the A/V receiver remote.

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GPS Location Finder Is The 21st Century Version Of The Tennis Ball On Your Car’s Antenna

GPS Location Finder (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Are you the type who’s constantly misplacing their car in a large parking lot? Or maybe your friends are always having to call in the national guard to find you when you’ve gone camping? Whatever the situation, this GPS Location Finder available from Chinavasion ensures you’ll always be able to find your way back to a given locale. For example, after you’ve parked your car somewhere unfamiliar you simply press a button on the device for 2 seconds to save the location’s coordinates. Then, when you’re ready to find your ride you just follow the red LED arrows on the compass which will point you to the saved location. When you get to within 50 meters the red arrow will start flashing, and when you get to within 15 meters the arrow will turn blue, at which point you should be close enough to see your car.

The GPS Location Finder also serves as a USB dongle for your laptop, turning it into a full-fledged GPS device given you have the appropriate mapping software installed. And it’s even got a data logger function which will store your GPS coordinates over time in a text file, allowing you to geo-tag photos or plot out your travels with the appropriate software. Not bad for just $54.

[ Chinavasion – GPS Receiver + Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

D-Link Updates Their Desktop Widget

D-Link Network Monitor Widget (Image courtesy D-Link)
By Andrew Liszewski

I just replaced an aging Linksys router with a D-Link 655 recommended by a friend, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the upgrade. And today things get even better since D-Link has released an updated version of their router desktop widget. It supports Yahoo! Widgets, Vista Gadgets and the Mac Dashboard and provides a dashboard-like real-time read out of your network and internet performance.

The widget is compatible with all of D-Link’s 802.11n routers like the DIR-655, DIR-855 and DGL-4500 and is available as a free download from D-Link’s site. (Note: A firmware update may be required to use the widget.)

[ D-Link Network Monitor v2.0 Widget ]