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Minus Concept Keeps Your Trash Cold And Odor-Free

Minus Concept Keeps Your Trash Cold And Odor-Free


By Chris Scott Barr

Trash can technology really hasn’t evolved much over the years. I think the greatest advancement was when they put on a pedal that opened the lid when you stepped on it. I’ll admit, I love that about my trash can, but surely there are other areas in which we can improve this household item. I suppose there is that smell that comes from stinky garbage. But aside from air fresheners and actually taking out the smelly trash, how else can you combat the smell? Apparently the answer is extremely cold temperatures and an antibacterial UV light.

This awesome Minus concept garbage can uses a combination of those two things to keep odors at bay. I’m sure that it would work, and it would definitely look awesome doing it, but I doubt this would ever see the light of day. Honestly, how many people are going to want to run a mini freezer that just keeps their trash cold. Plus it would just get re-purposed as an impromptu beer cooler. On second thought, put me down for two.

VIA [ Tuvie ]