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Retro Joystick – Now With USB!

Retro Joystick – Now With USB!

USB Classic Joystick (Image courtesy Thumbs Up (UK))
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember a time when joysticks were built like a tank, and ergonomics was a term used only for office furniture? Well you can now relive those days with this retro joystick that’s been upgraded with a USB connection allowing you to play your MAME games on your PC the way they were meant to be played. Of course it also works with any modern game that supports a standard gamepad controller, so if you miss that feeling of cramped hands and sore fingers, you won’t want to let this one slip by. It’s available from Thumbs Up (UK) for about $32, though they appear to be sold out until July 6.

[ USB Classic Joystick ] VIA [ Gearlog ]