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Off The Course Umbrella

Off The Course Umbrella

Off The Course Umbrella (Image courtey MoMA Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

The only thing worse than having to carry an umbrella on a rainy day is having to carry one around when it doesn’t end up raining. But you’ll feel less upset about the situation if you carry this Off The Course Umbrella designed by Sebastian Errazuriz. He originally came up with the idea while living in Scotland where he often found himself having to carry his golf clubs and an umbrella at the same time. So to make life easier, he simply combined the two.

The Off The Course Umbrella is made of steel, fiberglass, polyester and rubber, and according to the MoMA Store website it’s more umbrella than golf club and shouldn’t actually be used to play golf. But I’d like to see them try and stop me the next time I’m waiting for the tram and decide to practice my chip shot with a pine cone or a soda can. $65 at the aforementioned MoMA Store.

[ Off The Course Umbrella ]


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