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SENZ Umbrellas Can Withstand Up To 70mph Winds

SENZ Umbrellas Can Withstand Up To 70mph Winds


By Chris Scott Barr

Umbrellas are fairly simple contraptions. You press a little button (or move a slider) and out pops a uniformly shaped piece of fabric that works to keep you dry. Sure, some umbrellas might have a few more sides than others, but they still keep that roundish shape. Well regardless of whether yours is an octagon, decagon or some other ‘gon, it’s still not the most efficient shape out there.

I’m sure that at some point most people have been out in the pouring rain, only to have their umbrella buckle under the pressure of high winds. There are only two good ways to prevent this. The first is to just stay inside where it’s dry, and the other is to get an umbrella that’s a bit more angular. The SENZ umbrella takes advantage of its unusual shape to withstand 70mph winds. If this thing starts to give way, you’d better get your ass inside, lest you be physically carried away by the wind. You can currently pick one of these up in three sizes ($55, $69, and $83) and a variety of colors.

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4 responses to “SENZ Umbrellas Can Withstand Up To 70mph Winds”

  1. cljohnston108 says:

    Gee, that thing's got the same profile as the F-117 Stealth Fighter!

  2. ohpenis says:

    the thing is alright. i have one. it's sturdy but the construction makes rain that hits you from the forward direction difficult to block. you constantly have to reangle the thing and your shoes will get soaked.