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K-box Makes Anything Into A Speaker With Special Goo

K-box Makes Anything Into A Speaker With Special Goo


By Evan Ackerman

Short on speakers? How about you try a K-box, a speaker that turns anything you stick it to into a better speaker using some kind of “patented ‘gel-audio’ technology.” Things like this have been around for a little while, but the K-box is supposed to put out clean, powerful bass (that is “guaranteed to deafen your neighbours”) all the way down to 40 hz, something that other stick-on speakers are notoriously lousy at. It’s about the size of an iPhone and comes with a 20 hour battery that recharges via USB.

Although you can supposedly buy this right now, there’s only one picture, and it’s very render-y… There are also no specs on what the audio output power actually is, or even what inputs it accepts. So, I’d maybe hold off on this until someone actually gets a pic of a real one or something. It sells for about $60 from

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