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GameDr Video Game Timer

GameDr Video Game Timer

GameDr Video Game Timer (Image courtesy The Red Ferret Journal)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not quite convinced that video games will be the downfall of society, but at the same time, sitting on a couch all day with a controller in their hand isn’t the best way to foster a child’s mind. So the GameDr is another device designed to limit just how much time your kids can spend playing video games every day.

It locks onto the power cord of any video game console, or really any electronic device that plugs in by the looks of it, and features an easy to set countdown timer that will essentially ‘pull the plug’ when the time runs out. It also has a set of warnings at the 10 minute and 1 minute intervals so your kids have plenty of time to save their progress. The maker claims the GameDr is “tamper-proof” though they’ve apparently never heard of a little device I like to call a hammer. But if your kids are resorting to random acts of destruction to fulfill their gaming lust, you’ve got bigger problems than the GameDr can deal with.

The GameDr will be available sometime in June from for $29.99.

[ PR – Maintain Healthy Limits on Children’s Video Game Time with the GameDr® Video Game Timer ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]