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Keyport Key Fob = Epic Fail

Keyport Key Fob = Epic Fail

Keyport Key Fob (Image courtesy Keyport)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the Keyport key fob? We first wrote about it back in October of 2007 and though it was a little expensive, we thought it wasn’t a terrible idea. Basically you sent the company a check for $300 along with 6 different keys, and they would send you a custom-made key fob-like device that used a sliding mechanism to house and protect your keys when not needed. Well Larry Greenberg from Gear Diary thought it was a good idea too, so he actually ordered one. Unfortunately though that was back in April of 2007, and it’s now May of 2009 and he’s yet to receive his Keyport key fob.

After several emails and phone calls where he was assured they were still working on fine tuning their manufacturing process (uh-huh) they eventually refunded his $300 saying that when his Keyport was finally completed he’d only be asked to pay what he thought was appropriate. But given the Keyport website is now nothing more than a contact page, it’s pretty much a given that their product will never actually see the light of day. And for the record, Larry is still out 6 keys that Keyport seems to have no intentions of returning.

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