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Samsung YP P3 Reviewed. Verdict: Audiophile’s Choice

By Ian Chiu

Samsung’s P2 from 2007 has been universally praised as the most successful MP3 player in the history of the Yepp series. One can only expect a follow up to the formidable flagship touch-screen player. Well, the wait is over. The YP P3 has arrived with a number of improvements over its predecessor. The most notable addition is the Immersion’s TouchSense haptic technology (a.k.a. rumble vibration). When you touch the screen, the P3 will rumble a faux “click” as if you’re actually depressing the button and feeling it spring back. The P3, however, isn’t multi-touch so it won’t let you pinch to zoom in and out. It will detect single finger gestures like circle and flick. Missing from the P3 are built-in Wi-Fi and accelerometer, which were probably taken out by Samsung for the rumble feature.

Everything USB has taken an in-depth look into the P3 with mostly good things to say. The reviewer really likes the sound quality (praises to DNSe), audio format support (FLAC lossless, OGG Vorbis), intuitive UI (custom themes, widgets), native DivX / MP4 support, haptic technology, and the metal body as well as Bluetooth stereo streaming. Last but not least, the P3 also got a Recommended badge from the USB fan site.

[Samsung YP P3 Review @ Everything USB]