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SlingPlayer Finally Available On The iPhone

SlingPlayer Finally Available On The iPhone


By Chris Scott Barr

Despite my love for my iPhone, I still don’t get the fascination with watching video on it. It’s a beautiful screen, but any way you slice it, it’s still really small. I don’t mind playing a game on it for a short while, but it doesn’t take too long before I get tired of staring at it. However, for those that absolutely need to keep up on their favorite shows while they’re sitting at the BMV, then you’ll be happy to know that the SlingPlayer App for your iPhone is now available.

The App will stream your favorite shows to your iPhone, with one small catch. You’re going to have to be hooked up to a WiFi connection, as AT&T would not allow the service to run on 3G. Naturally they cited bandwidth concerns, despite having no issues with their own mobile TV services or YouTube. So how much is this exciting service going to cost you? A cool $30, plus you’ll actually need a Slingbox to work in conjunction with it.  I think that I’ll survive with just my laptop watching Hulu, thank you very much.

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