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Get Your Own Giant Inflatable Iceberg

Get Your Own Giant Inflatable Iceberg


By Chris Scott Barr

Every time I go swimming somewhere, I think to myself “wouldn’t this be more fun if I were just climbing out of the water, instead of swimming?” I mean, what’s the fun in swimming if you’re actually in the water most of the time? I’m totally not being sarcastic in the least. That’s why I have to get one of these Floating Iceberg Climbing Walls.

Rock climbing walls are fun on land, so why not drop $5400 on getting one for the water? Sure, you have to worry less about falling and breaking your neck in the water, but aren’t there enough fun things to do while swimming? To paraphrase a young jedi in training “I could almost buy my own boat for that!” I do see two rather fun uses for this. One involves scaring the hell out of people boating in the middle of the night. The other would be sneaking over to someone’s house and inflating this sucker in someone’s pool.

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