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WorldCard Ultra Palm-Sized Business Card Scanner

WorldCard Ultra Palm-Sized Business Card Scanner

WorldCard Ultra (Image courtesy Penpower Technology) By Andrew Liszewski

When you think about it, handing people a small paper card with your contact info in this age of wireless communications is a bit old-fashioned. But I’ve yet to find an easier, or as universal a solution as the business card, so as antiquated as they may seem, I don’t think they’re going to be disappearing anytime soon.

Thankfully the WorldCard Ultra serves as a handy middle-man for getting the contact info from a business card into your contacts database. It’s a palm-sized scanner that’s actually powered via the integrated USB cable, making it particularly convenient for business travelers who have to deal with a new stack of cards every day. And not only will the WorldCard Ultra produce a full color scan of every business card (allowing you to ditch the originals) but the included WorldCard software will automatically OCR and add the contact info to your databases in Outlook, Lotus Notes or pretty much any other application. At $179.95 it isn’t cheap ($199.95 for the Mac-friendly version) but it’s probably well worth the investment if you’re on the road a lot.

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