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Ratchet Allen Keys Are A Must For Any Toolbox

Ratchet Allen Keys Are A Must For Any Toolbox


By Chris Scott Barr

Socket wrenches and ratchet screwdrivers are a couple of the best tools around. They make your life easier by allowing you to just keep twisting, instead of lifting off of the screw or bolt and reposition every half-turn or so. That’s all good and well until you come across something that uses a hex key (or Allen wrench if you will). Those little suckers are a pain in the ass to use. I used to work at a retail store that sold furniture, and I’d get stuck putting together chairs and such for display, and every stinking one of them required a hex wrench. By the end of the day my fingers would hurt from turning them. Thankfully ratcheting action has come to the hex wrench.

The Ratchet Allen Keys set is an awesome tool. The tool has 9 different sized keys that fold out, much like some other sets I’ve seen. The big difference is in the handle, which has full ratcheting action. This could certainly make just about any job using hex wrenches much easier. You can get these in both Standard and Metric sizes for about $17 each.

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