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Last Week On BotJunkie

Last Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

Last week on BotJunkie, we started early on Sunday watching highlights from the 2009 Hexapod Dance-Off (aka the best thing ever), decided we’d much rather have robot babies than real babies, gave some weird looks to a robot that follows your eyes, were horrified by a sheep shearing robot, embraced our laziness with a point ‘n click fetch robot, were kinda impressed with Nao humanoids playing soccer, got creeped out by an underwater robot with giant claws, slept safely inside a conceptual robot that turns into a tent, were sad to see the multiple kill vehicle get cut from the DoD budget, watched a consumer telepresence robot pouring drinks, got slightly titillated by my girlfriend since she is now an actual cyborg, and ended up appreciating the idea of a modded Roomba that prints on the floor and cleans up after itself.

So far this week we’ve posted about a marshmallow toasting robot, Japanese Kondo robots, and some lovely but inefficient Roomba cleaning patterns.

Last week’s Bot With Stuff, after the jump.


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