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Fish Tank Friday: Relaxation (For You, Not Them)

Fish Tank Friday: Relaxation (For You, Not Them)


By Evan Ackerman

I suppose there is something relaxing about watching fish meander around their fake little worlds, which is probably why you find fish tanks in doctor’s and dentist’s offices and other places where pain and discomfort are reliably imminent. But said fish, as relaxing as they may appear, don’t actually do much to relieve stress. The fish who live underneath the HydroGlass hydrotherapy table don’t do much to relieve stress either, but at least they’re attached to something that does. The table comes with a heated water mattress and seven overhead shower heads for Vichy shower treatments. Now, I don’t know what a Vichy shower treatment is… I’d tell you what I think (based on hazy memories of high school history), but I wouldn’t want to Godwin my own post.

There’s no price listed, but it’s undoubtedly cheaper to just go get yourself some regular hydrotherapy somewhere, and bring along a goldfish bowl to put under the table.

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