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DLO Jam Jacket Game For The iPod Touch

DLO Jam Jacket Game For The iPod Touch

Jam Jacket Game (Image courtesy DLO)
By Andrew Liszewski

Try as they might, I’m just not convinced that my iPhone is ever going to replace my DS as my portable gaming device of choice. But given a good chunk of those billion apps sold through the App Store were games, I have to assume that there are plenty of people using the iPhone or iPod Touch for that purpose. And it’s those people that the Jam Jacket Game will appeal to.

It’s basically another case designed to make gaming with the iPod Touch a bit easier, but unlike the ridiculous GameGrip from last week, the Jam Jacket Game features a set of considerably more subtle ‘handles’ on the back providing a better grip on your device. At $19 it’s a cheap way to protect your Touch (it’s actually not iPhone-friendly) and it even comes bundled with a clear adhesive screen protector.

[ DLO Jam Jacket Game ] VIA [ Gear Diary ]


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