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Delicious Squeezable Bacon

Delicious Squeezable Bacon

Squeez Bacon (Images courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Yep, it’s official, I’m an idiot. This was indeed an April Fool’s gag, however, I have held a tube of actual bacon paste in my hand, so I know it’s a real product.

Were it not for the fact that there was once a small tube of this stuff in my fridge that I brought back from Amsterdam, I would have assumed that Squeez Bacon was a holdover from ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s Day antics. But I’m afraid this stuff is as real as it gets. It was originally created by Vilhelm Lillefläsk shortly after WWII by precooking and blending real bacon to create a delicious paste. The process is still relatively similar today, though it’s been refined to a “patented electro-mechanical process” which actually results in a product that needs no preservatives or other additives, just old-fashioned bacon goodness!

Available from ThinkGeek for $7.99 a bottle, Squeez Bacon is a bit more expensive than other domestic condiments, but it’s got one clear advantage over ketchup, mustard and relish; It’s bacon!

[ Squeez Bacon – The World’s Most Perfect Food ] VIA [ I New Idea Homepage ]

  • mooP

    You do realize that it was an April Fools joke, right?

  • Yeah…it really was just an April Fools joke…attempt to buy it from Think Geek and see.

  • cebweb

    To add salt to the wound you also just got rickrolled in Swedish. Vilhelm Lillefläsk, “Aldrig kommer att ge dig upp!”

  • I would pay $10 a bottle

  • Thanks….

  • That's my wife in the video and yes, april fools joke hahaha =)

  • GearModa

    That looks delicious, the condiment of my dreams. I would pay $50 a bottle.

  • “Delicious Squeezable Bacon” this is too much!

    Some things should never make it past concept phase. LOL

  • “Delicious Squeezable Bacon” this is too much!

    Some things should never make it past concept phase. LOL