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USB Display Adapters Get Updated

USB Display Adapters Get Updated


By Chris Scott Barr

A long while back we showed you some pretty cool USB video cards. While they wouldn’t do anything to make your games run better, they can increase your productivity. I know that when I’m stuck using only a single screen on my laptop I feel almost handicapped. That’s right, these cool adapters could allow you to add up to six extra monitors to your PC (four extra on a Mac).

The issue with the older adapters is that they were limited to resolutions of 1440×900. That’s good enough for a 19-inch screen, but looks terrible on anything larger. Well thankfully these have been updated and let you output full 32-bit color at resolutions of up to 1600×1200.  That should look great on 24-inch monitors. You get your choice of VGA, DMI or HDMI connectors for $99.

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