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GreenBox Is The Future of Pizza Boxes

By Chris Scott Barr

I’m sure that plenty of you were at one time a college kid, or were broke and trying to make it on your own at 18. Eating pizza 5 nights a week was considered normal ordeal, which meant that you had a lot of empty boxes and old paper plates lying around. Sometimes I used to tear up the pizza box lid and use it for paper plates. It was a nice way to use less plates, and the boxes took up less room on top of the fridge when they were in pieces. Unfortunately if there were any leftover slices, we had no boxes to keep them in. Sure, we’d use ziplock bags, if anyone ever remembered to buy them.

Now enter the GreenBox. It’s a regular-looking pizza box that has some cool hidden features. The top breaks down into four small plates, while the bottom becomes a small storage box. All it takes is a few quick tears and you’re done. I know that I’d love it if my pizza started coming in one of these boxes. It’s green, I’m using less paper and plastic, not to mention the fact that the boxes are taking up less room in my kitchen.

[ EcoIncorporated ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]