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44GB Of Bandwidth Per Week Is “Abusive” According To Time Warner Cable

By Chris Scott Barr

I’d hoped that I was done writing about Time Warner Cable for a little while. Unfortunately it seems that they are already back up to their same old antics, only this time they’re being a little more sneaky about it. At least before they were up-front and honest about their decision to screw their customers. When too many people raised a stink about it, they backed off, or at least they pretended to.

One TWC customer in Austin hopped on his computer to do a little surfing only to find that his internet connection was down. A quick call to the ISP revealed that his service had been intentionally disconnected due to excessive bandwidth use. Apparently this guy had the audacity to use 44GB in a week’s time on his unlimited internet plan. What a jerk.

The next logical step was for the guy to ask just how much bandwidth was “acceptable” so that he didn’t get his service shut off again. The lovely rep at Time Warner couldn’t give him any exact numbers, but said that it would be somewhere between a quarter and half of the bandwidth he was currently using.

11 to 22GB per week is acceptable on an “unlimited” plan? In this day and age, that’s just bat-shit retarded. I downloaded GTA IV from Steam the other day, which was a whopping 15GB, which would put me in the red with TWC. God forbid that I’d want to stream a couple of Netflix movies or watch something on Hulu. If I were a Time Warner Cable customer, I can guarantee my service would be shut off pretty quick.

I really feel bad for this guy, and the countless others that have no other option but to use Time Warner Cable as their ISP. Instead of their tiered plans, they’re just going to keep disconnecting users until they start begging to pay more for extra bandwidth. Thankfully customers can use the very same internet provided by TWC to spread the word of these underhanded practices. Comcast finally came around and set a (comparatively) decent bandwidth cap, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before Time Warner does the same.

VIA [ StopTheCap ]