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Tin Can App Turns The iPhone Into A Modem

Tin Can App Turns The iPhone Into A Modem

Tin Can App (Image courtesy Perceptive Development)
By Andrew Liszewski

This is one of those iPhone apps that manages to be pointless but cool at the same time. Tin Can essentially turns a couple of iPhones into old-school modems, allowing you to send and receive text messages using sound, instead of a network connection. Of course it’s not exactly a very useful alternative to a 3G or wi-fi connection since the iPhones basically have to be sitting about an inch apart, or as long as the included headset cables will reach. So there’s a good chance you’ll not only be able to talk to the person you’re communicating with, but you’ll probably be able to see their screen as they’re typing out a message. So whether or not you think you can squeeze 99 cents worth of fun out of it is up to you.

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