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Pre-order The Fujitsu FLEPia E-Book Reader From Japan Trend Shop For Just $1,399

Fujitsu FLEPia (Image courtesy Device Daily)
By Andrew Liszewski

If black and white just seems too Gutenberg for your tastes, you’ll want to skip Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s eReaders for Fujitsu’s FLEPia eBook. Its biggest claim to fame is its ability to display “full color” images instead of just grayscale, with 64, 4,096 or 260,000 color modes. It’s impressive for sure, but you’ll want to keep in mind that running in the maximum color mode will result in page refreshes that take a whopping 8 seconds.

Other features include an 8-inch XGA or 768×1,024 dot touch screen display, Bluetooth, wi-fi, SD card slot and embedded stereo speakers. The FLEPia also runs Windows CE 5.0 which means you have access to additional software like a web browser, email client and even the ability to publish office-type documents right on the reader. At the moment the Japan Trend Shop currently has them available for pre-order for a buck under $1,400, but they won’t actually be in stock until May 29.

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