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Build Your Own R/C Nerf Tank

By Chris Scott Barr

Sometimes I miss the days when I was a kid. Sure school was boring, but it was perfectly normal to run around and shoot your sibling with Nerf guns all day long. Actually I have a Nerf gun sitting on my desk, and I shoot my brother whenever he comes over, so nevermind. Heck, now that I’m an adult I have the resources and intelligence to to take things to the next level and create my very own remote control Nerf tank.

A guy by the name of Travis Schmidt decided to put his robotic skills to good use by creating this cool little R/C Nerf tank. It’s got just about everything you’d want including a laser sight, wireless camera and on-board speakers for “psychological warfare.” Head over to the Instructable site for directions on how to build your own. Oh, and if you’ve got a girlfriend that will actually let you build an R/C Nerf tank, here’s a tip: Don’t shoot her with it!

[ Instructables ] VIA [ BotJunkie ]