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Last Week On BotJunkie

Last Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

Last week on BotJunkie, we kicked things off with video of a giant robot beetle, got some details on Mech Warfare at RoboGames as well as a look at a bot by Trossen Robotics, found some cute little autonomous robot crab kits, felt a weird mix of grossed out and fascinated with a new SquishBot concept from Boston Dynamics that’s based on a robot snail from MIT, learned about a new generation of military UAVs, got our LEGO on with some modular cubic bots that you can connect together to make whatever kind of robot you want, were saddened to hear that Pleo developer Ugobe has filed for bankruptcy, ran across some cute and cheap robot earrings as well as a cute (but not as cheap) robot bunny, listened to a robot made out of a boombox that plays tapes while driving over them, realized that the real reason making robots is fun is because you can terrorize your girlfriend with them, met Probo the robotic therapy elephant thing, celebrated Earth Day with the news that artificial human intelligence can be good for the environment and with a robot growing grass out of its head, watched Willow Garage’s PR2 robot demonstrating fine motor skills, imagined the possibilities with an entire PC stuffed onto a robot controller board, saw a couple different bots climbing walls with sticky elastomers, said hi to uncanny valley with a picture of a robot friend, ran screaming as giant spiderbots invaded Japan, and ended the week watching an autonomous robot race.

This week, we’ve already posted about a robot that begs for change, tiny little humanoid robot toys, information on designing micromice, robot jazz musicians, and a robot mower that calls for help with text messages.

Enjoy a special “oops I forgot so it’s actually Monday Bot With Stuff” edition Friday Bot With Stuff, after the jump.


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