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Turn That Old Eee PC Into A Picture Frame

Turn That Old Eee PC Into A Picture Frame


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m still not really on the whole digital picture frame bandwagon. Honestly, I guess I just don’t have a need to cycle a few hundred pictures on my wall or something. If I were going to get one, I’d go for something a little less than ordinary. I’d either get one that actually did a little more than show pictures, or I’d make my own. From the looks of this mod, it would be pretty easy to use an Eee PC for one.

Having a full-fledged computer working as your picture frame does leave you with a lot more options. Now you can add a touchscreen and control various media through the house with a touch. The early Eee PCs are really cheap, so this might just be a fun mod for someone who doesn’t just want a boring digital picture frame.

[ Awooga ] VIA [ HackADay ]