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ThinkGeek Now Selling Hydrospanners

ThinkGeek Now Selling Hydrospanners


By Evan Ackerman

ba14_hydrokinetic_adjustable_wrench_renderLooks like we’re beginning to catch up to the futuristic technology of the long time ago and far far away Star Wars galaxy, now that ThinkGeek has started selling the Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench, aka hydrospanner. The key feature of the hydrospanner (besides that in Star Wars it’s actually a powered driver, but never mind that) is that it uses hydraulics to fit to all kinds of different nuts and bolts without changing any bits. Inside the wrench is a fluid, which you compress through a valve to tighten the wrench. Close the valve and the wrench is perfectly sized. Opening the valve releases the fluid pressure, and the wrench comes off.

The Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench fits 23 different nuts and bolts in both standard and metric, is 7.5″ long, and costs $25. BTW, Han, you’d better be careful. That toolbox looks pretty precarious, and if something were to hit the ship…

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