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RealRyder ABF8 Is Like Riding For Real

RealRyder ABF8 Is Like Riding For Real

RealRyder ABF8 (Image courtesy SportTechBlog)
By Andrew Liszewski

Stationary exercise bikes have definitely improved over the years, but a company called RealRyder is hoping to take things one step further with the ABF8. In addition to pedaling, which is where most exercise bikes draw the line, the ABF8 allows the rider to steer, lean and most importantly, balance, thanks to its unique articulating frame. So if you use a stationary bike for training purposes, not only will your legs, upper body and core muscle groups get a workout, but you’ll actually be improving your balance all from the comfort of your exercise room. The downside? The ABF8’s $1,995 price tag.

[ RealRyder ABF8 ] VIA [ Uncrate ]