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Victory! Time Warner Cancels Metered Bandwidth Testing

By Chris Scott Barr

There’s something wonderful about the power of the internet. Not only do we have a vast supply of knowledge at our fingertips, but we the ability to change things. No, I’m not talking about Wikipedia entries, but rather our ability to directly influence the decisions of people and companies. The latest victory for the internet masses comes from Time Warner Cable. Yes, the very same Time Warner that’s been spreading the disease of metered bandwidth.

We’ve been following the story for the last couple of weeks since Time Warner expanded their plans to bring metered bandwidth to the masses. Like almost everyone else out there, I was completely against these plans. Well apparently Time Warner has actually been listening to the uproar and decided to cancel its trial of metered bandwidth plans. You can pat yourselves on the backs peoples of the interweb, this victory is yours.

You can also thank New York Congressman Eric Massa and Senator Chuck Schumer for listening to the people that elected them. Both expressed great opposition to Time Warner’s plans, with Massa even trying to introduce a bill that would limit the ability of ISPs to place bandwidth caps on their connections. Something tells me that this is the last we’re going to hear about metered bandwidth for a little while. No company is going to want to touch this subject after the amount of negative press received by Time Warner.

VIA [ Ars ]