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RoadPilot MicroGO Speed Camera Warning System

RoadPilot MicroGO Speed Camera Warning System


By Evan Ackerman

I’m sure that some of you are stalwart, law abiding citizens who always drive at 5 mph under the speed limit. That’s great, but you should know that you really, really annoy the rest of us who actually have places to go and people to see and need to drive damn fast. Outrunning cops is usually not a problem, but outrunning speed cameras is a little bit trickier (although not technically impossible). What to do?

The MicroGO, from RoadPilot, is a tiny little GPS system that knows the location of every speed camera everywhere. In, um, the UK and Europe. The MicroGO also knows the speed limit, and it’s smart enough to only alert you if you’re going too fast and in the right direction to get tagged by a camera. As new cameras are installed, the MicroGO can be synced with an online database to keep it up to date. Plus, the screen can be changed to 64 different colors, awesome!

The MicroGO costs the equivalent of about $120, with an update subscription cost of less than $6 a month.

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