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Balloon Lamp

Balloon Lamp

Balloon Lamp (Images courtesy the Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Were it not for the $63 price tag from the Japan Trend Shop, I’d be tempted to call these clever balloon lamps a cheap way to add some stylish lighting to your crib. They use a high-intensity LED light will run for about 100 hours on the included set of lithium-ion batteries, and instead of a traditional lamp shade, they’re designed to be stuck inside an inflated balloon. Not only does it produce a soft diffuse glow, but you can use any color balloon you like, and the lack of power cord means they can be easily hung anywhere.

[ Balloon Lamp ]

  • Blairf Felgenheimer

    I guess the $63 price tag will keep most of these from being filled with helium and sent out into the night while calling the local news crew and report seeing 'strange lights' in the sky.

  • Athios

    And you'd need to change the batteries every 4 days. Not very practical if you ask me.

  • Amanda

    You can do this for about .20 by DIYing and LED throwie. Google it – its really simple.

  • wii controller

    Ballon map, looking fanastic and have nice features too.

  • fweffee

    i love this bklog and whole post on blog is very luxury!!!!!!!


    That light looks awesome!


    That light looks awesome!