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3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse

3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse

3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro (Image courtesy 3Dconnexion)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I don’t recommend them for everyday use, 3Dconnexion’s series of Space Navigator mice are the perfect tool if you spend your days in 3D applications like Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, AutoCad etc. The SpacePilot Pro is the latest addition to the line, and it includes the 3Dconnexion Cap (the large knob) which can be pushed, pulled, twisted and tilted allowing you to navigate a 3D interface. It’s also got a set of ‘QuickView’ Navigation keys for quickly jumping to one of 32 pre-set views as well as duplicate ESC, CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys so you don’t have to reach over to your keyboard as much.

The biggest addition though is the full-color LCD display which provides visual feedback on what the SpacePilot Pro’s function keys are currently programmed to do, or you can use it to keep an eye on your email with the included Mail applet. And since the display is powered by an open software architecture, you can even write your own custom applets as needed.

The 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro is available now for $499.

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