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Twitter About Piracy, Get Free Movie Tickets

Twitter About Piracy, Get Free Movie Tickets


By Chris Scott Barr

I think enough people have gotten fired over the stupid crap they post online that you know someone’s always watching what you say. So what do you think happened when a girl complains about a lack of torrents for a movie that’s still in theaters? You guessed it, someone at the movie studio found her tweet and took action. Of course the actions of the studio weren’t what you would expect.

It seems the Miramax Films has been keeping an eye out for people tweeting about piracy. In this particular case, a girl (we’ll call her Amanda, mostly because thats her name) posted on Twitter that there weren’t any Adventureland torrents up. Miramax saw the tweet and offered her a pair of tickets to go watch the movie in theaters. That’s right, they didn’t scold her for trying to watch their new movie for free. Instead they made sure that she had no problems viewing it without paying. Wow.

Honestly, in this economy it’s hard to justify a trip to the movies, as it usually ends up being a $30+ affair. It was really nice to see Miramax step up and offer to give this girl a free night out. One one hand, they could have threatened the girl, and thus ensured that someone would pirate the movie just to spite them. However, they took the high road, and offered her a chance to see it on the big screen instead of pirating it. Well played Miramax, well played.

The only downside to this story is that Amanda only ended up getting one free ticket, instead of the pair she was promised. Still, one free ticket is better than no free tickets.

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  • so if i complain about illegal things, i get the legal alternative? probley wont work BUTTTTT…..”oooh hey were are my TORRRENT for the PLAYSTATION3? i really hope SONY doesnt get to know about this ILLEGAL thing FOR FREE!!” damn……no ps3 yet……*waiting*

  • Heh…reminds me of one of those demotivational posters I saw the other day.

    “You wouldn't download a car” and then underneath “I would if I could!”

  • mcman

    So, they promise her 2 free tickets. She promptly calls a friend and offers a night out at a movie for free. Then said tickets come in the mail and turn out to be ticket. Not wanting to screw her friend (at least not before the movie), she ponies up the cost of the extra ticket. Thus bringing to fruition Miramax's diabolical plan to get her to pay all along. Now, say they do this for 10,000 Amanda's throughout the country. If even half follow thru and pay for their friend, Miramax is pulling in $50,000 if the tickets average $10 apiece. None of this would work you say? Not worth the effort you say? I say…..You're probably right. Then again, I might just be a big shot at Miramax! HA!

    Oh, excuse me for a second. *Yes ma'am? You want butter on it and a box of ju ju bees?*

  • anony

    I'm sure a complex film like Adventureland would be way over her head, anyway.

  • moo


  • Blairf Felgenheimer

    Amanda enjoyed her movie until a short time later when she discovered the tickets had herpes.

  • The icing on the cake would be if shortly after she watches the movie there is a Cam posted to The Pirates Bay by Stickittotheman63548…

  • stumbled this article

  • The icing on the cake would be if shortly after she watches the movie there is a Cam posted to The Pirates Bay by Stickittotheman63548…

  • stumbled this article