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Nintendo Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort Get Priced

Nintendo Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort Get Priced


By Shane McGlaun

Until Nintendo announced its Wii game console, sitting around playing with your Wii had decidedly negative connotations to it. Thankfully, today you can call up your friends and ask them to come play with your Wii and they will happily come over. Nintendo is set to launch new accessories and games this summer that many have been waiting for.

Nintendo has announced that the new MotionPlus accessory and Wii Sports Resort are going to be available for purchase this summer. The MotionPlus accessory will be available on June 8 for $19.99. The accessory adds accuracy to the motion detecting Wii Remotes. I wonder if we will see future Wii remotes simply get the MotionPlus tech built-in.

I think that the most fun game for the Wii is the Wii Sports title that it came with. A sequel to the original called Wii Sports Resort is coming this summer that will take full advantage of the MotionPlus accessory and allow players to enjoy new sports. Among the new sports in the game are water scooter riding, sword fights, and Frisbee throwing. The game will sell for $49.99 and the exact release date is unknown.

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