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Subscribe: Is Selling “Never Locked” iPhones Is Selling “Never Locked” iPhones


By Chris Scott Barr

Here’s something rather strange. Everyone knows that in order to buy an iPhone here in the US, it has to be locked down to AT&T’s network. Sure, you can jailbreak your phone and get it to work on another GSM carrier like T-Mobile, but you can’t buy one straight from the store and use it on a different network. Well if you head over to, that isn’t the case.

Somehow this online superstore has managed to get their hands on a lot of 16GB iPhones that have never been locked. Not purchased, unlocked and resold. Never locked. How were they able to procure such a rare item? I can’t be for certain, but something tells me it involves bending the laws of time and space. Read on for their description of the phone.

The Never Locked iPhone!!
Apple iPhones have typically been locked to only use on the AT&T network, so they are not capable of being used on other GSM carriers such as T-Mobile or for overseas travel.

Hackers were able to break the software to use the iPhone on carriers other than AT&T, but any connection to iTunes or any software updates provided by Apple lock the iPhone and render it useless.

Now the iPhone is available without any locks or restrictions to any GSM carrier.

Also, the Apple guarantee is valid for all never-locked iPhones.

This would make the first time a never locked iPhone was allowed to be sold in the US. I’d tell you to snatch one up quickly before they mysteriously disappeared, but I can’t. I love my iPhone, but your $800 is better spent elsewhere.

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7 responses to “ Is Selling “Never Locked” iPhones”

  1. haqwin says:

    But aren't there other countries that sells never locked phones?
    Gray import…?

  2. Frederico Motta says:

    Yes! In Brazil there is a law that every company has to unlock the phones for free and is obligated to offer unlocked phones, with no contract (prepaid). Of course the price is very, very steep, but hey, at least is something…
    FYI. In Brazil things cost more that 2x than in USA, and a unlocked prepaid Iphone sells for something like US$1100,00, (a Nokia N95 8g unlocked and prepaid goes for something like US$ 700,00) in a renewal of my contract, for 12 months I got one (iPhone 8g) for free…

  3. Jan says:

    Over here in Belgium, the Iphone has to be sold without lock due to a certain law.
    Maybe the Iphones sold here are part of a Belgian shipment?

  4. They ran out of stock in just 2 days!

  5. Zara says:

    because of the economic crisis everybody tries to make money as quickly as possible…

  6. zara_online says:

    Lets hope that the android mobiles won't be locked, like the iphone.

  7. zara_online says:

    Lets hope that the android mobiles won't be locked, like the iphone.