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Steam Powered Charger Is Perfect For Travel

By Evan Ackerman

This power generator is built around a Jensen #75 steam engine coupled to a Lego Technic motor, with a 5v regulator circuit and female USB connector soldered on. It puts out enough power to charge an iPod with no trouble, and I can only imagine it’ll power anything else you decide to plug into it. And, although it’s hard to see in the video, there’s a little Lego console there with a minifig to monitor the power output.

So, why is it perfect for travel? Easy: all it requires to produce electricity is water, fire, and fuel. Unlike solar power, it works at night and in the rain, and unlike other generators where you have to DO something, you don’t have to get off your ass. Just find yourself a lake, some wood, and a flamethrower, and you’re good to go.

[ Steampunk Workshop ] VIA [ BBG ]