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Resident Evil 5 Chainsaw USB Flash Drive

Resident Evil 5 Chainsaw USB Flash Drive (Images courtesy eBay)
By Andrew Liszewski

These nifty, though somewhat macabre, chainsaw 2GB USB flash drives have started popping up all over eBay. They were originally included with special limited edition copies of Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but have since been put on the auction block as sellers like hk-wan have decided to make a quick buck (or $23.99 in this case) instead.

[ eBay – PS3 Resident Evil 5 Chainsaw 2GB USB flash drive ] VIA [ Everything USB ]

  • Online Shopping

    Nice one!Nowadays, thumdrive are coming in all sorts of shapes and design.

  • sary

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  • Jochen Siegle

    macabre, macabre ….

  • Jochen Siegle

    macabre, macabre ….

  • useddiggerderrick

    That is scary. Good idea though
    Boom Truck