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Scarpar Powerboard Trumps Ordinary Skateboards

By Chris Scott Barr

Skateboarding has never been my thing. I remember buying one when I was a kid and spending a couple of weeks trying to ride it. Then I realized that I could go faster with less effort on my bike and promptly forgot about it. The next time I buy anything that remotely resembles a skateboard is either when someone actually makes a hoverbaord a la Back to the Future or when this Scarpar Powerboard comes out.

This awesome motorized skateboard can do everything its non-motorized counterpart can’t. In addition to scooting along by itself on the pavement, it’ll go off-road on dirt, grass, sand and even snow. Take that, crappy skateboard. Sure, it doesn’t look like it has a great turn radius, or that it goes very fast, oh and you can’t do tricks either. Still, if this thing weren’t still in development, I’d buy one.

[ Scarpar ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]