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Chocolate Now Inhaleable, Literally

Chocolate Now Inhaleable, Literally


By Evan Ackerman

Ready for a new addiction? How about ‘whiffing’ chocolate? Yes, that’s right, now you can satisfy all of your most serious chocolate cravings without even chewing… Just inhale a mouthful of aerosolized chocolate powder from a vaporizer: “it fills your mouth with almost pure chocolate – it tastes really good.” Oh, and incidentally, the powder has zero calories. The Le Whif inhalers are disposable, and cost about $2.50 each if you buy them in singles. Each one is good for a couple whiffs, and they come in mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mango chocolate, and of course plain, unadulterated, hardcore chocolate.

Even though it’s April 10th, I’m still kinda wondering whether or not this is real, especially since the company has bigger plans on the horizon:

“Chocolate is only the beginning – we’re going to be unveiling more different types of food in the future. Two Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx is even working with us to develop meals, such as a mint-flavoured inhaler to go alongside his lamb dishes. Eventually we could be having three course meals this way.”

Three course aerosolized meals. As long as we’ve got some Soylent Green to flesh it out, we’ll never have to worry about food ever again.

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