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Riiflex Adds Weight Training to Wii Fit

Riiflex Adds Weight Training to Wii Fit


By Shane McGlaun

The Nintendo Wii makes for a much more involved video game experience than competing consoles. Some games like boxing are as much of a workout as Wii Fit. The popularity of the console for people looking for a fun exercise platform is undeniable with the Wii fit game being at the top of many sales charts.

For Wii Fit fanatics looking to get more from their workouts a new product will be shipping soon called the Riiflex dumbbells. The dumbbells are cut out to hold the Wii remote and nunchuck while you play games.

Two different weights are available with a pair of two pounds dumbbells selling for $34.95 starting this summer. Later a pair of four pound weights will be offered for $39.95. The dumbbells were announced earlier this year, but pricing and an estimated ship date were unknown at that time.

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