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Best Wall-E Case Mod Ever

Best Wall-E Case Mod Ever


By Chris Scott Barr

It’s hard to imagine anyone who didn’t enjoy Wall-E when they went to see it in theaters last year. After it came out there were lots of different homemade Wall-E’s floating around the internet. However, this Wall-E case mod definitely takes the cake.

Apparently some Russian guy went and saw the movie, and decided that he absolutely had to have a Wall-E computer. He’s a pretty cool little robot, so I can understand putting in a little effort and making something decent looking. However, this guy went the whole nine yards. He flawlessly fashioned the entire thing from sheet metal. The pictures here hardly do it justice, so I recommend checking out the full step-by-step process on the original site. My only suggestion for the next person that tries this is to put a Mac in there. Everyone knows Wall-E was a Mac.


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