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New Fast & Furious Game Comes to iPhone

New Fast & Furious Game Comes to iPhone


By Shane McGlaun

The first Fast & Furious movie was really cool and I liked it a lot. The second and third films in the franchise were not nearly as cool and enjoyable to me. Friday marked the release of the fourth film in the franchise with the original actors, and from what I hear it is a pretty good movie.

As typically happens today, a new video game launched alongside the movie for the iPhone. The new Fast & Furious game is the sixth game in the franchise to come to the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is available now on the iTunes store for $5.99.

Players get 32 different cars to choose from with exotics, tuners, and muscle cars in the mix. The accelerometer controls the cars by tilting the screen as expected in an iPhone racing game. Seven modes are included in the game with road race, drift race, drag race, GPS race, tunnel run, pursuit and evade. Players can also have one-on-one races for pink slips and the game includes social and connectivity features.

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One response to “New Fast & Furious Game Comes to iPhone”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to the game. I liked it a lot.