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Juice Boxes With Realistic Fruit Skin Textures

Juice Boxes With Realistic Fruit Skin Textures

Juice Boxes (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Now that I think of it, I haven’t had a juice box in years, but if I were to find one on a store shelf that was packaged like these, how could I pass it up? Created by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, the juice box’s packaging is supposed to be more appealing to the eye by imitating the actual fruit they contain. As Naoto puts it; “I imagined that if the surface of the package imitated the colour and texture of the fruit skin, then the object would reproduce the feeling of the real skin.” If anything, the novelty factor is through the roof, and on a side note, is there anything more refreshing than a box of banana juice? I don’t think so.

[ – Fruit Juice Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]


12 responses to “Juice Boxes With Realistic Fruit Skin Textures”

  1. Josh Pittman says:

    Those things are awesome! even if they dot taste great I would get one simply for the design. Speaking of great design I saw this cool new i360 clothing company- they make some cool looking headbands with built in headphones for your ipod. No more annoying wires while you work out, snowboard, etc. Check them out:

  2. It wouldn't be a nice idea to do this with pineapples.

  3. Athios says:

    “imitated the colour and texture of the fruit skin”

    I imagine they don't imitate real fruit skin's biodegradability…

    Plus, this type of packaging won't be cheap. Guess who's gonna be paying for it?

  4. web design says:

    juice box’s packaging is looking so beautiful that everyone would like to buy it! It's beautiful!

  5. tron says:

    so domokun is kiwi flavored

  6. Wow!Incredible!I guess I will only buy it for display and not for drinking purposes. Probably could design it so that it can serve some use to it?

  7. ariel says:

    someone give this guy some sex please

  8. Angel Mass says:


  9. ijof9 says:

    I wonder how would blueberry or grape juice packs would look like. πŸ™‚

  10. sell eq plat says:

    This is awesome. If this comes out in the market, it would be much better if the boxes are reusable.

  11. useddiggerderrick says:

    This is kinda creepy. I am not sure how i feel about this.