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Miele B890E Rotary Iron

Miele B890E Rotary Iron

Miele B890E Rotary Iron (Image courtesy Miele)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even if ironing was as easy as just pointing my finger at a pile of clothes, and they’d magically become unwrinkled, I still wouldn’t do it. But for those who want to look neat, without the hassle of dragging out the ironing board and iron, Miele might entice you with this bad boy. The B890E Rotary Iron features a wide roller that’s not unlike using a stationary steam roller to iron your clothing. The roller’s speed is controlled via a foot pedal, which pretty much requires you to sit while operating it, but its unique design can handle everything from shirts to table cloths.

Miele B890E Rotary Iron (Images courtesy Miele)

It’s also not much bigger than an ironing board when in use, and it folds down to a compact unit that Miele claims is easy to stash in a closet. Not surprisingly though, you can expect to fork out almost $2,200 for such a convenience. Otherwise, I’ve found that a $2 Sharpie pen is just as effective at making convincing crease marks on your Dockers.

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