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NVIDIA Announces GTX 275 for Mid-Range Gamers

NVIDIA Announces GTX 275 for Mid-Range Gamers


by Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of PC gaming and if you have ever compared graphics on games available on PC and console systems when the PC is well equipped, it is easy to see the graphics on PC are much better. The rub for many PC gamers is that the hardware costs much more than buying a game console. The video cards alone often cast more than an Xbox and a Wii put together.

NVIDIA has announced a new mid-range video card called the GTX 275 that puts good performance into the hands of gamers looking to spend about $250. Sure, that’s still more than a Wii, but you can do so much more on a computer than you can on the Wii. The GTX 275 slots into the lineup between the GTX 260 and GTX 285 in price and performance.

The card offers 240 processing cores running at 1404MHz, 80 texture processing units and a 448-bit memory interface with 896MB framebuffer. The card is NVIDIA PhysX and CUDA compliant and supports Windows 7. NVIDIA 3D Vision stereoscopic gaming is supported as well. The exact availability date isn’t offered, NVIDIA just says that the card will be available on or before April 14.