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Man Gets DUI While Driving Away On His Barstool

Man Gets DUI While Driving Away On His Barstool


By Chris Scott Barr

Let’s say that you’ve had a rough day and you go out to the bar and get, well, for lack of a better word shit-faced. Now you don’t exactly have someone at home that can come pick you up, so what do you do? Cabs cost money and you don’t have any friends, so it’s a good thing that you hooked up a motor and some wheels to your barstool. Hell, now you don’t even have to get off your ass to go home. Just have someone get the door and the open road is all yours.

Yes I do have a rather active imagination, but these events actually happened. Some guy over in Ohio did these very things, and ended up wrecking his precious barstool. This caused the police to get involved, which of course arrested him on DUI charges. The man gave the officer a couple of interesting details before issuing his “Not Guilty” plea. First, the stool has a top speed of 38mph, which isn’t bad for a bar stool. He then informed the officer that he had drank 15 beers before speeding off on his power stool. “Not Guilty” indeed.

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