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Concepts Reveal What Girls Actually Want In A Laptop

Concepts Reveal What Girls Actually Want In A Laptop


By Evan Ackerman

Who really cares about a laptop with a bigger screen or more horsepower or an SSD or 4G or WiMax when you could have a laptop with an integrated make up kit and nail printer and a screen that turns into a mirror at the push of a button? Because that’s what girls want, right? Right? Hmm, maybe we need a female writer on staff or something, because I suddenly feel like I’ve dug myself into a pretty deep hole here. Just keep in mind that these HP laptop concepts were designed by a guy in Russia named Nikita Buyanov and not me… A couple more, after the jump.


A laptop for weight control purposes, includes a bracelet to measure movement and blood pressure.


Has “adaptive microcells,” uses cameras to alter its surface to match its background.

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