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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Imation Ships SSDs and Upgrade Kits


By Shane McGlaun

SSDs have been around for a while now and for enterprise use, they make a lot of sense. The savings from the lower power consumption alone is often enough to justify the upgrade for large data centers. Consumers still don’t have a compelling reason to upgrade to SSDs, other than the simple desire to use the new technology and gain small improvements in performance.

For consumers looking to upgrade their notebook or desktop computer to a SSD Imation has announced that it is now shipping both its M and S-class SSDs along with upgrade kit bundles. The price for the SSDs themselves starts at $189.99 for the M-class with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities available. The S-class starts at $659.99 with 64GB or 128GB versions available.

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Samsung Launches Ergonomic SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 Camcorders


By Shane McGlaun

I for one am glad that the majority of consumer video cameras available today have left tapes behind and moved to digital storage formats. That means instead of having boxes of cassette tapes sitting around the house gathering dust I can put all my home movies onto my computer or burn the easily to DVD.

Samsung has announced a pair of new ergonomic camcorders called the SMX-C14 and the SMX-C10. The two camcorders have the Touch of Color design that Samsung pioneered with its TVs. Both of the camcorders utilize Samsungs Active Angle Lens to make shooting video more comfortable.

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New Anti Flicker Lighting Developed For Automotive Crash Tests

Anti Flicker Crash Test Lighting (Images courtesy Nectar Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

A Long Beach-based design firm called Nectar Product Development has created a new anti flicker lighting system that eliminates the problem of flickering in high-speed video recordings of automotive crash tests. The new system uses computer-controlled high intensity lights in conjunction with a complex reflector system that evens out light distribution and compensates for the flickering. While the system was specifically developed to solve the problem as it relates to automotive crash tests, I’m sure it would be just as useful for any scenario involving high-speed video recordings, including busting myths.

[ Designboom – nectar design: anti flicker lighting ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

Century Netbook Stand Cools Your Lap, Reads & Burns DVDs

Netbook Stand With DVD Super-Multi Drive (Image courtesy Century)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it wasn’t the reason I ultimately decided to part ways with my EEE netbook, the lack of optical drive did make things kind of a hassle when I decided to install XP. The problem was resolved with a $20 DVD-ROM drive and an IDE to USB 2 adapter cable, but this slim netbook stand that features a built-in DVD super multi-drive from Century looks like a better alternative.

It connects to your netbook via USB and supports nearly every sub-Blu-ray disc format you could possibly need. The slim form factor means it’s not that difficult to travel with when you need to, and it even doubles as a cooling pad thanks to a built-in 4cm fan. It will be available in Japan on Friday, but the $100 price tag is kind of a hard sell given it’s roughly 1/3 the price of the average netbook.

[ Century Netbook Stand ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Biometric OLED Flash Drive

biometricusbBy Evan Ackerman

This concept from Ennova Direct is a USB flash drive with all kinds of fanciness goin’ on. On top of the drive is an OLED screen that incorporates a biometric fingerprint scanner to keep all of your stuff secure. The screen can also be used as an “interactive interface that allows the user to select specific files and initiate specific functions.”

Although it’s just a concept at the moment, Ennova seems to actually get around to producing what they file patents for. They’ve produced a flash drive with a retractable USB interface as well as a flash drive with integrated Bluetooth, so it’s at least reasonably likely that we’ll see this sometime in Q1 of 2010.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ OLED-Display ]

USB Display Adapters Get Updated


By Chris Scott Barr

A long while back we showed you some pretty cool USB video cards. While they wouldn’t do anything to make your games run better, they can increase your productivity. I know that when I’m stuck using only a single screen on my laptop I feel almost handicapped. That’s right, these cool adapters could allow you to add up to six extra monitors to your PC (four extra on a Mac).

The issue with the older adapters is that they were limited to resolutions of 1440×900. That’s good enough for a 19-inch screen, but looks terrible on anything larger. Well thankfully these have been updated and let you output full 32-bit color at resolutions of up to 1600×1200.  That should look great on 24-inch monitors. You get your choice of VGA, DMI or HDMI connectors for $99.

[ OtherWorldComputing ] VIA [ GearLog ]

GreenBox Is The Future of Pizza Boxes

By Chris Scott Barr

I’m sure that plenty of you were at one time a college kid, or were broke and trying to make it on your own at 18. Eating pizza 5 nights a week was considered normal ordeal, which meant that you had a lot of empty boxes and old paper plates lying around. Sometimes I used to tear up the pizza box lid and use it for paper plates. It was a nice way to use less plates, and the boxes took up less room on top of the fridge when they were in pieces. Unfortunately if there were any leftover slices, we had no boxes to keep them in. Sure, we’d use ziplock bags, if anyone ever remembered to buy them.

Now enter the GreenBox. It’s a regular-looking pizza box that has some cool hidden features. The top breaks down into four small plates, while the bottom becomes a small storage box. All it takes is a few quick tears and you’re done. I know that I’d love it if my pizza started coming in one of these boxes. It’s green, I’m using less paper and plastic, not to mention the fact that the boxes are taking up less room in my kitchen.

[ EcoIncorporated ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

PeeWee Tablet Laptop Is Resistant To Drops, Spills, Screaming Children


By Evan Ackerman

The PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop, as you may have guessed from the name, is designed for kids ages 3-10. As such, it comes with “age appropriate software,” a Disney Theme for Windows XP, and a security suite designed to keep your preschoolers from downloading hardcore pornography.

Once you get past the kiddie stuff, though, this is actually a pretty decent machine. It’s essentially a netbook, with all of the features you’ve come to know and love and be bored by, including an Atom processor, Windows XP, 1-2 gigs of RAM, a 60 gig HD, USB, card reader, WiFi, 6 cell battery for 5+ hours of on-time, blah blah blah. But it’s also a convertible touchscreen tablet that comes with a stylus. And a webcam that rotates 180 degrees. And a spill-resistant keyboard. And drop-resistant shell. You know, stuff that’s nice to have in a computer that you carry around a lot.

You’ll pay more for all of these features, of course: the PeeWee PC costs $600. That’s a premium of about $150 or so from a similarly outfitted MSI Wind (the netbook standard, IMO). But that’s not really that much for the additional durability and touchscreen… As long as you can handle using a laptop that probably says “PeeWee” on it in a few places.

[ PeeWee PC ] VIA [ Engadget ]

MySuiteStuff Adobe App Pillows

MySuiteStuff Pillows (Image courtesy MySuiteStuff)
By Andrew Liszewski

The perfect adornment for your couch or bed, unless you have to stare at these icons sitting in your dock or on your desktop all day at work. It looks like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, InDesign and Dreamweaver are represented for $15 each, or you can save $10 by buying the whole set for $80.

Thanks Meg!

[ MySuiteStuff ] VIA [ Coudal ]